SB30 Hydraulic Shaft Brakes


The heat- treated disks are are available from 24" - 54".
The friction surfaces are ground flat and parallel.


The hydraulic intensifier ratio is 23:1, opperating range to be adjusted 35PSI to 65PSI. The hydraulic reservoir prevents air from entering the system and provides 1/4 gal fluid volume.


The Disc Brake calipers are designed for a Normal operating pressure of 1500 psi. Max pressure 1800 PSI

Each caliper is mounted to the caliper holder with four 7/8-14 Grade 8 Bolts and torqued to 625 ft. lbs. The calipers are self-adjusting. When the brake is released, the brake pad is spring retractedfor .015 inch (0,38mm) minimum clearance.

Shockfast is used to align parallel, chims are used to adjust the correct distance between disk and caliper.

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