PSI 1000 PTO

PSI 1000 with Funk dual output C pad

In the shown configuration the PTO holds a Funk gear box and drives 2 pumps. Different orientations for the pumps and gear ratios are available.

10"   230 HP@ 1800 RPM

12"    340 HP@ 1800 RPM

14"    440 HP@ 1800 RPM

12"D  680 HP@ 1800 RPM

14"D  880 HP@ 1800 RPM



We repaired the PTO’s on the F/V SAGA. Both portside and starboard 3308 generators are equipped with a front hydraulic PTO's. Several mechanical mounting issues lead to an angle alignment problem between drum and clutch. The alignment issue shortened the life of the clutch friction shoes substantially. The picture shows the new designed mounting feet. The Vickers pump delivers 175 Hp @ 1800 RPM.

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