Airflex CM


The Type CM features an actuating tube bonded to a
steel rim as well as male and female registers which allow
the elements to be easily assembled into dual and triple
arrangements. Ventilated friction shoes allow for greater heat
dissipation to accommodate moderate slip applications.

Availabel Sizes:

Size            Max Torque   Max RPM       Width         Diameter
26CM475           264,000          1030          6.94            34.750
30CM500           376,000            915          7.17            39.375
35CM500           528,000            900          7.69            45.875
40CM550           739,000            900          8.44            51.375
48CM650         1,227,000            900          9.06            59.500


• NEW single piece friction pad increases torque and
energy capacity.

• NEW improved rating foroperation at 900 RPM for 35,
40 and 48 inch CM products.

• NEW updated ISO grade 24 balance specification which
minimizes engine room vibration and improves drive
component service life


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