Airflex VC

VC design and construction is different from the CB and CM elements in that the torque is transmitted by torque bars rather than the sidewalls of the actuating tube. The loose actuating tube is contained within a housing formed by a rim and two side plates, and is replaceable. The torque bars, which are held in position by the side plates, pass through cavities in the backing plates of the friction shoes. Pressurizing the actuating tube forces the friction shoes to engage around a cylindrical drum. Leaf springs in the torque bar cavities of the backing plates retract the friction shoes when the actuating tube pressure is released. Element torque capacity is dependent upon the applied pressure and rotating speed. Maximum recommended pressure is 125 psi (8,6 bar). 

Available sizes:

Narrow: 11.5VC500, 14VC500, 16VC600, 20VC600, 24VC650, 28VC650, 33VC650, 35VC650, 37VC650, 42VC650


Wide: 12VC1000, 14VC1000, 16VC1000, 20VC1000, 24VC1000, 28VC1000, 32VC1000, 38VC1200, 42VC1200, 46VC1200, 52VC1200, 51VC1600, 60VC1600, 66VC1600, 76VC1600, and 76VC2000


Airflex ®VC型气动离合器是专门为恶劣的磨机 工况设计制造的,在此类应用中,高启动载荷 和持续磨合通常会降低离合器的效率和使用寿 命。VC型离合器的径向收缩和通风结构,使其 传递扭矩大,散热快。


Installation and Opperation Manual

VC Construction Pamflet

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